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Christine Michaud, MLS, Library Director

Christine is responsible for all aspects of library administration. Additionally, she is responsible for selecting adult nonfiction, biography, and travel books. Christine enjoys reading narrative nonfiction and romantic comedy, sometimes at the same time.

Kim McNally, MLS, Assistant Director & Adult Services

In addition to assisting with library administration, Kim is responsible for programming and outreach for adults. She also selects our adult mysteries and audiobooks. Kim enjoys reading historical fiction, historical mysteries, biographies, and cookbooks.

Lauren Redfield, MLS, Head of Youth Services

Lauren is responsible for all aspects of service to children and families, collection development, programming, and outreach. She selects the juvenile fiction and picture books and leads a variety for programs for preschool and school aged children. When not reading children’s literature, Lauren prefers historical fiction related to ancient Rome and Greece, the Ottoman Empire, and/or the Soviet Era; espionage novels; and political nonfiction.

Kristen Carpentier, Youth Service Librarian

In addition to assisting with the administration of the Youth Services department, Kristen is responsible for selecting young adult materials, juvenile nonfiction, and juvenile media. She leads a variety of programs for children and young adults. Kristen likes reading Urban Fantasy, Crime Drama, and YA fantasy.

Carol, Library Assistant

In addition to working the circulation desk, Carol oversees cataloging and technical services. Carol enjoys reading general fiction, mysteries and especially gothic novels. A couple of Carol’s all-time favorites are “The Historian” by Elizabeth Kostova, The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield, and “The Forgotten Garden” by Kate Morton.

Diana, Library Assistant

In addition to working the circulation desk, Diana is responsible for selecting adult fiction. She also leads the Mother Goose storytime and leads our Escape Room programs. Diana’s favorite authors are Stephen King and Diana Galbadon, and she likes books with a twist ending.

Elizabeth, Library Assistant

In addition to working the circulation desk, Elizabeth is responsible for the Homebound Delivery program and purchasing supplies. Elizabeth likes to read nonfiction, historical fiction, and mysteries.


Jennifer, Library Assistant

Our newest library assistant, Jen primarily works at the circulation desk. She is also responsible for processing periodicals and assists with a variety of projects. Depending on her mood, Jen enjoys reading women’s literature or true crime.

Patti, Library Assistant

In addition to working the circulation desk, Patti is our movie expert. She is responsible for purchasing and processing all DVDs and selects the movie matinees. Patti prefers reading historical fiction, especially the Outlander series.

James and Megan, Pages

Megan and James re-shelve all returning materials.

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