Personnel Policy

The Library Board of Trustees has the responsibility for providing library personnel. The library director is in charge of hiring, firing, evaluating and disciplining all staff members. Selection of staff members is based solely on merit, with attention to educational and technical qualifications and an understanding of the position involved.

The Library follows the Town of Durham Personnel Policy Manual. In addition, the Board recognizes that the Collective Bargaining Agreement between covered employees and the Town of Durham is the “controlling document.”

Work Schedules

The Library provides service six days a week with varying hours of operation. Schedules are developed to provide optimal library service during hours of operation. Therefore, staff schedules will vary accordingly. Schedules will be available three months in advance. All requests for changes will be honored if there is no impact on public service.

Meetings, Education and Conferences

The Library encourages staff members to attend library-related meetings, continuing education workshops, and state conferences. Staff is required to obtain prior approval from the director for attending such activities. Permission will be granted based on the value of the program or meeting to the Library, availability of funding, and staffing needs at the times of the program. In most instances, staff may attend on paid library time. The director may require that a staff member prepare a report on the meeting or workshop so that information and ideas learned may be shared with colleagues.