Exhibit Space Policy

Gallery (P.A.L.S. Activity Room)

The Durham Public Library provides a venue for displays of artwork by local artists. Though the artists are selected and scheduled by a non-profit arts organization, the Library must approve the format and content of the exhibit. The duration of the exhibit is generally one month, unless another arrangement has been made with the Library director.

The exhibitor is responsible for set up of the exhibit and its removal immediately after the show.  While prices may not be posted on material, numbers may be referenced to items with a separate price list at a designated place.  Material that is sold should remain on the premises until the show concludes. Staff is not involved in supervision or sales of the artwork. The library is not responsible for loss or damage to materials exhibited. The exhibitor is required to provide a “hold harmless agreement.” Insurance coverage is the responsibility of the exhibitor. (See appendix 6 for ‘Release of Responsibility’ form)

Display Cases and Bulletin Boards

All display cases are under the exclusive control of either P.A.L.S. or the Library director for library purposes. A bulletin board is available for announcements of civic, cultural, educational or recreational activities of general interest to the community. The director must approve all postings. Additional areas in the Library may be used for display of community information.