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Summer Programs & Events


Heroes vs. Villains After Hours Kickoff Party


Saturday, June 27th 6:00-8:00 pm


It’s a locked-library showdown between heroes and villains!  Teens will start by declaring sides and splitting into the two groups.  Then each group will create their persona—hero/villain name, powers,  origin story, and other details.  Then the heroes and villains will move on to costume creation, designing and creating masks and capes.  Then the supers will show off skills with a series of physical, skill, and speed; ending with a obstacle course.  After that there will be a trivia competition to showcase knowledge of heroes and villains of comics, TV, books, and movies.

Which group will be victorious?  The super heroes or the super villains?

Light refreshments will be served.

Ages 10-18, registration required.


Patriotic Spray Paint T-Shirts

Wednesday, July 1st from 3:30 — 5 pm

Ages  11-18

Participants will use stars, flags, and USA stencils and red, white, and blue fabric spray paint to create a unique t-shirt for the Independence Day weekend!  Participants should write a t-shirt size when registering.


Comics Drawing Workshop

Saturday, July 11th—1 — 3 pm

Ages 11-18

In this 2 hour workshop teens will learn the basics of comic construction and character design with Matt Ryan of Freelunch Comics.


Self Defense Workshop

Monday, July 13th from 6:30 — 8 pm

Ages 13-18

This self defense workshop by the Modern Self-Defense Center of Middletown will include 60 minutes of active learning and 30 minutes for questions and discussion.


Movie Matinees

Friday July 17th & July 31st from 2 — 4 pm

July 17th— Guardians of the Galaxy

July 31st—Jupiter Ascending

Popcorn will be served.


Teen Cuisine Cooking Classes

Super Hero Healthy—Wednesday,  July 15th from 4:30-6:30 pm

Super Villain Delights—Wednesday, July 22nd from 4:30-6:30pm

Ages 12-18

The popular cooking class for young adults returns this summer with 2 unique themes—healthy food for super hero in all and decadent delights that a villain would plot world domination over!  Learn cooking skills, kitchen safety, and prepare (and eat!) a 3 course meal.


CSI Murder Mystery

Saturday, July 25th from 2 — 4 pm

Ages 12-18

It’s a comic book themed murder mystery at the Library!  At this program the teens will become Crime Scene Investigators and examine the crime scene for clues, compare fingerprints, study security footage, decode messages, interview suspects, and more before they accuse a murderer!

*If you are interested in acting as a suspect or the murder victim please contact Karyn Leahy.


Recycled Comics Crafts

Tuesday, July 28th from 3 — 4:30 pm

Ages 11-18

Teens will use old comic books to create new things!  At this crafting program attendees will make coasters, magnets, bookmarks, and paper flowers all from comic book pages.


Graphic Novel Book Club

Tuesdays, June 30th to August 4th from 6 — 7 pm

Each week will have an optional featured graphic novel.  Participants will discuss favorites, styles, stories, and more!  Perfect for newbies or long time fans!  See the poster in the Library for the featured book each week.


Teen Book Club

Wednesdays, June 24th, July 29th, & August 26th from 6 — 7 pm

Each month the TBC discusses a different YA novel.  Copies of the books are available at the front desk.  The TBC also previews new books before they go on the shelf.


Creative Writing Club

Thursdays, July 2nd to August 6th from 3 — 4 pm

A weekly club for young adults who enjoy creative writing.  Participants will sharpen their skills and have the opportunity to share their work with the group.



Mondays, July 6th to 27th from 1 — 3 pm

On Monday afternoons anime (Japanese animation) will be shown downstairs.


Super Smash Bros Brawl League

League—Tuesdays, July 7th to August 18th from 7:30-8:30 pm

Tournament—Saturday, August 22nd from 1 — 4 pm

For 7 weeks players will battle to earn a top spot then compete in a tournament to be champion.  There will be prizes and refreshments at the tournament.


Teen Advisory Group

Saturdays, June 13th, July 11th, & August 8th from 3 — 4 pm

TAG is the youth council for the library.  Share ideas to improve the Library, especially for teens.  Eligible for community service.


TAG Ice Cream Social

Wednesday, August 19th from 7 — 8 pm

The ice cream social is TAG’s annual member drive.  Any teen ages 12-18 can come, make an ice cream sundae, hear about what TAG does, and share their ideas.