Loans & Returns

Loan Periods

  • Books, including books on CD: 3-week loan period, 2 renewals permitted, unless the item is on hold for another patron
  • Adult and Children’s DVDs: 1-week loan period, 2 renewals permitted, unless there are holds
  • Express DVDs: 3-day loan period, no renewals
  • Non-fiction (travel, instructional etc.) DVDs and videocassettes: 3-week loan period, 2 renewals
  • Periodicals: 1-week loan period, 2 renewals, unless there are holds
  • Museum passes: 2-day loan period, no renewals (one pass per family at a time) for physical passes. Most museum passes are available as print-on-demand, which do not need to be picked up or returned.


  • Fines are assessed daily for overdue items
  • Most adult and young adult materials: $.10 per day, $5.00 maximum
  • Children’s books: $ .05 per day, $2.00 maximum
  • Adult and Children’s DVDs: $.10 per day, $5.00 maximum
  • Express DVDs: $2.00 per day, $5.00 maximum
  • Museum passes: $5.00, $50.00 maximum for physical passes.

Lost Items

Items that have not been returned within three weeks of the due date are considered lost. At that point, the patron’s card is charged with the replacement cost of the item. The patron is given the option to purchase a new copy of the item in lieu of paying the replacement cost. A receipt is given to the patron upon payment or replacement. If the lost item is found within 6 months of payment, the amount paid, less any fines owed, will be refunded on presentation of receipt; in case of a replacement copy, the patron may keep the original item.

Damaged Items

When an item is returned damaged, the Library will determine if the patron should be held responsible for the damage, in which case, the patron will be charged for the cost of the item’s replacement.