Library Board


R. David Turley, Chairman

Anne Mueller, Vice Chairman

Shari Adams, Treasurer

Robert Booz, Recording Secretary

Jane Eriksen, Chairman Emeritus

Lynn Johnson

David Foster

Eric Infeld

Jan Wenzel

Meetings:  Second Tuesday of every month at 7:30 pm at the library

2017 Meeting Dates

January 10

February 14

March 14

April 11

May 9

June 13

July 11

August 8

September 12

October 10

November 14

December 12


Board Minutes: Current month’s minutes have not been approved:




Meeting of October 10, 2017

Meeting called to order – 7:32 P.M.


Present: Shari Adams, Bob Booz, David Foster, Eric Infeld, Anne Mueller, David Turley, and Jan Wenzel.  Also attending: Cyndi Shirshac and Christine Michaud


  1. The Board welcomed its newest member, Jan Wenzel.


  1. Public Comments/Communication – none noted.


  • Minutes – September 12, 2016 – After a brief discussion and a minor change suggested by Shari Adams, a motion was made by Eric Infeld and seconded by Anne Mueller to accept the minutes as submitted with a change to use the term “building use plan” instead of “the latest plan”. It passed with an abstention by Bob Booz.


  1. Financial Reports
  2. Board – There were no significant changes.
  3. Librarian – The Director’s report on the financial status of the current budget year is unavailable as of the date of the Board meeting; expenditure information from the Town’s Finance Director has been late or not available. Bills are now being received marked “second notice” so in addition to late reporting, payment of invoices seems to be a problem.


  1. Librarians’ Reports
  2. Director –
    1. The new LION inter-library loan program has been working well.
    2. The Staff development day was a success with many topic areas discussed.
  3. Youth Services – No additional items were added to the discussion.


  1. Committee Reports
  2. PALS – There were no PALS board members present at the meeting.
  3. Maintenance – The HVAC system as installed is not meeting the minimal requirements for heating, cooling, and humidity control in the lower level. High humidity is an immediate problem.  Eight alarms were experienced over the past weekend indicating a humidity reading of over 80%.  It turns out there is no humidity control function since there is no direct heating feature of the new system.  Despite two stand-alone dehumidifiers running all the time, the rooms have experienced over 90% humidity.  Mold is a problem that is starting to be noted.  Books cannot be stored at these humidity levels.  Dick McManus has been contacted numerous times for assistance, however, no solutions have been forthcoming.




  • New Business
    1. Upcoming Election of new officers – nominating committees – Jane Eriksen and Lynn Johnson are designated as the Nominating Committee.
    2. Budget Planning – Concern about the Connecticut state budget stalemate and its possible outcomes on the towns was discussed. The Board is looking for ways to appropriately determine requirements for the upcoming budget season with so much in doubt.
    3. Strategic Planning – Shari Adams provided the Board with an update based on recent activities. She will be preparing a revised Strategic Plan draft for consideration by the full Board.
    4. Strategy for upcoming meetings – The plan for Board agendas is as follows: November 2017 – Strategic Plan; December 2017– Budget; February 2018 – Policies & Procedures.


  • Old Business
    1. Staff Development Day 9/22/2017 – As noted in the Director’s Report
    2. Board Membership – Annual Town Meeting 10/2/2017 – Current Board members Jane Eriksen and Shari Adams were reelected. Jan Wenzel was elected to the open seat formerly held by Kari Strickland.
    3. Marketing Grant Proposal – Christine Michaud submitted the grant request to the Community Foundation of Middlesex County for consideration.
    4. Other – None noted

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.





Respectfully submitted,


Robert H. Booz




September 12, 2017
Present: Shari Adams, Jane Eriksen, David Foster, Eric Infeld, Lynn Johnson, Anne
Mueller, Kary Strickland, David Turley. Librarians Cyndi Shirshac, Christine Michaud.
Absent: Bob Booz
Meeting called to order at 7:35 by Chairman Turley.

Shari Adams presented the treasurer’s reports from 4/7 – 8/31. Director Shirshac
presented the financial report for June and July. The August report is incomplete due
to numbers unavailable from the Finance Office at Town Hall.

The Director presented her report as well as those of Youth Services. The summer
reading program was a success and the recipient of both the children and adult
drawing was the CT Humane Society. The PALS Museum Pass contest also brought
joy to those participating. In order to supplement the State’s delivery service, LION has
signed a contract with Riverbend Express and will begin a interlibrary delivery service
among LION libraries. Appreciation was extended to LION for the assistance in
connecting the monitor to the self-check system. The time invested in this work would
have cost more than six times as much if a technology repair service had to have been
hired to service the equipment. We agreed we are most fortunate to belong to this
worthwhile consortium.

Committee Reports:
PALS – The annual Book Sale was a success. Thanks to all who assisted, particularly
the town crew for the set up and the librarians for their continued participation.
Maintenance – Thanks to Lynn Johnson for refinishing the benches in the garden.
There are continued concerns with the high humidity present in the downstairs rooms.
The newly installed system does not consistently operate properly.
Another area of concern are the bathrooms, which need attention in several areas.

New Business:
William Glidden and Evelyn Caballero have been hired as part-time pages. Both are
students at Coginchaug High School.
Staff Development Day will take place on September 22. A variety of topics such as
Windows 365 and best practices to enhance customer service will be studied.
At the annual Town Meeting scheduled for 10/2, Shari Adams and Jane Eriksen have
agreed to be nominated for another term as Trustees. Kary Strickland announced she
will be unable to continue as a Trustee. The Board thanked her for her valued service
to the Board. She has lent a wise voice to the discussions and decisions during her

Christine Michaud presented a grant proposal she has written to submit to the
Middlesex County Community Foundation for the purpose of enhancing the awareness
of the Library’s programs and resources to the community. The grant would be used to
hire a marketing group who would work with DPL leadership to articulate a brand
strategy that would convey the library’s mission, services and value.
Anne Mueller moved, Eric Infeld seconded:
Motion: The Board authorizes the submission of the grant to the Community
Foundation of Middlesex County with the understanding that, if granted, the Board will
be responsible for $1750. of the project cost.
Vote: Unanimous

Shari Adams presented the latest draft from the Strategic Planning committee. The
Three Year Plan that covers Goals, Objectives and Tasks will be under continual review
by the Board. Eric Infeld and David Foster will be a sub-committee of the Strategic
Planning committee for the purpose of meeting with the librarians to discuss the
progress of the latest plan.

Discussion of the use of the parking lot during the Fair and the lease of the property
concluded the Board meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:18.
Respectfully submitted,
Jane R. Eriksen,
Acting Secretary






Respectfully submitted,


Robert H. Booz