Library Board


R. David Turley, Chairman

Anne Mueller, Vice Chairman

Shari Adams, Treasurer

Robert Booz, Recording Secretary

Jane Eriksen, Chairman Emeritus

Lynn Johnson

David Foster

Kary Strickland

Eric Enfeld

Meetings:  Second Tuesday of every month at 7:30 pm at the library

2017 Meeting Dates

January 10

February 14

March 14

April 11

May 9

June 13

July 11

August 8

September 12

October 10

November 14

December 12


Board Minutes: Current month’s minutes have not been approved:



Meeting of April 11, 2017

Meeting called to order – 7:38 P.M.


Present: Shari Adams, Bob Booz, Jane Eriksen, David Foster, Lynn Johnson, Anne Mueller, Kary Strickland and Cyndi Shirshac.  Not Present: Eric Infeld and David Turley


  1. Public Comments/Communication
    1. Green Commission – Tina Gossner- A request was made to plant a cherry tree where the existing, now dead, red maple is planted. The Board appreciates the offer and it was gladly accepted.
    2. Other – A donation from the Lions Club was noted.


  1. Minutes – February 14, 2016 – A motion was made by Jane Eriksen and seconded by Lynn Johnson to accept the minutes as submitted. It passed unanimously.


  • Financial Reports
  1. Board – The report showed minor activity primarily related to book purchases by the Board. The state monies (formerly C-Car funding) is expected to be spent down for books by year end. Due to programmatic and state budget issues, this funding will likely not be renewed.
  2. Librarian – The Director’s report on the financial status of the current budget year noted no issues of concern or out of the ordinary.


  1. Librarians’ Reports
  2. Director – There is a leak over the large print books area. This has been reported to the Town.  Over 380 strategic planning surveys have been received.  This more than double the response rate of the past survey.
  3. Youth Services – The Tea Party was a great success with many participants.


  1. Committee Reports
  2. PALS – The Book Sale is scheduled for May 20, 2017. Book donations are now being accepted.
  3. Maintenance – There was discussion of the need for garden bed maintenance over the summer. While the Town crew does do some mulching and mowing, bed maintenance requires weeding and pruning.  A new contractor will be sought.


  1. New Business
    1. Response to Budget Proposal – There was considerable discussion about the Board of Finance Budget Hearing. Cuts to the Library Board approved budget submission would considerably affect services offered.  This will likely result in reduced operating hours.  The Director presented a comparison of staffing and open hours from other Connecticut libraries.  The Library currently has among the lowest staff to open hours ratio in the state.  Attendance at the Board of Finance meeting on April 18, 2017 is strongly advised.
    2. Other – None Noted.


  • Old Business
    1. Food for Fines – This program of fine forgiveness for a food donation to the local food bank will be from April 24, 2017 through April 29, 2017.
    2. Other – None noted

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50





Respectfully submitted,


Robert H. Booz




Meeting of February 14, 2017

Meeting called to order – 7:30 P.M.


Present: Shari Adams, Bob Booz, Jane Eriksen, David Foster, Eric Infeld, Lynn Johnson, Anne Mueller, David Turley and Christine Michaud & Cyndi Shirshac.  Not Present: Kary Strickland


  1. Public Comments/Communications – None noted.


  1. Minutes – January 10, 2017 – A motion was made by Eric Infeld and seconded by Anne Mueller to accept the minutes as submitted. It passed with an abstention by Lynn Johnson.


  • Financial Reports
  1. Board – The report showed some donation activity with the major expenditure for e-books purchases by the Board.
  2. Librarian – The Director’s report noted that assistance from the town related to financial reporting was limited due to a personnel change.


  1. Librarians’ Reports
  2. Director – The use of the electronic magazine program was down.
  3. Youth Services – Gina Monti as Assistant Youth Services Librarian isencouraging in continuing to augment the youth programs.


  1. Committee Reports
  2. PALS –Taste of Durham was an overwhelming success.  Tickets were sold out before the event began with some interested parties having been turned away.
  3. Maintenance – The flat roof membrane leakages have continued. The Town has been made aware of the latest problems.
  4. Strategic Planning – Shari Adams gave an update to the survey process and plans to update the strategic plan.


  1. New Business
    1. Food for Fines – The Director informed the Board of this valuable program which exchanges fines payment for the contribution of food items for the local food pantry. It is especially helpful in the return of books that are long overdue.
    2. Local History Room. Christine Michaud provided the Board with information regarding the History Room and its holdings.  The intent is to coordinate activities with other local history efforts and make the room more inclusive of materials as appropriate.


  • Old Business
    1. Meeting Room Policy – Discussion was limited on this topic.
    2. Taste of Durham 2/4/17 – There was no further discussion not addressed in the PALS report.
    3. Charging Station – It appears that activities to place a charging station outside of the Library are progressing. The Board reiterated its resolution that such a charging station be located at the far north end of the parking lot.  It also noted that the agreement with the Town required such a station be budget neutral for the Library.  Accordingly, the concept of the charging station accepting credit cards for services will only meet that requirement if the generated revenue is returned to the Library to offset its electrical costs. Anne Mueller suggested that the Town consider paying the electric fees for the Library out of its budget, similar to the group purchasing of fuel oil. The Board concurred.




Meeting Adjourned: 8:43 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,


Robert H. Booz