Library Board


R. David Turley, Chairman

Anne Mueller, Vice Chairman

Shari Adams, Treasurer

Robert Booz, Recording Secretary

Jane Eriksen, Chairman Emeritus

Lynn Johnson

Rosemarie Naples

Mary Ryan

Kary Strickland

Meetings:  Second Tuesday of every month at 7:30

2015 Meeting Dates

January 13

February 10

March 10

April 14

May 12

June 9

July 14

August 11

September 8

October 13

November 10

December 8

Board Minutes: Current month’s minutes have not been approved:


Durham Public Library Board of Trustees


April 14, 2015

Present: Jane Eriksen, Lynn Johnson, Rosemarie Naples, Mary Ryan, David Turley, Kary Strickland and Trish Connolly, Director. Absent: Shari Adams, Bob Booz, Anne Mueller

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m.

A letter was received from ACLB acknowledging our membership. A written request was received from Marc Albin for the Team Melissa to have a “dog wash” in the Library parking lot on a Sunday in order to raise funds for the Durham/Middlefield Relay for Life. Rosemarie moved, Kari seconded: “That the Team Melissa be permitted to use the library parking lot for the dog washing fundraiser for the Relay for Life.”

Vote: Unanimous

There were no comments from the public.

Jane moved, Mary seconded: “To approve the minutes of March 10, 2015.”

Vote: 5 yes, 1 abstention

As the treasurer was absent, there was no report; a full report will be given at the May meeting.

Trish Connolly presented the Director’s financial report. In response to a question from the Board, Trish explained that the LION fees were paid quarterly.

Librarians’ Reports: Regarding the Summer Reading Program, the librarians met with the high school English department chair and the curriculum director. They expressed their enthusiasm with the program and, as a result, will align their summer reading program with the Library’s. All students will be required to acquire a library card if they don’t already have one. Additionally, the library staff is finalizing marketing material and honing the outreach schedule.

Trish reported that the primary focus recently has been on the state and local budgets. Losing the state funds and the services of Connecticard and CLS will severely impact the Durham library as well as those throughout the state. The staff has been urging patrons to contact their state representatives.

Committee Reports:

PALS: The annual Book Sale will be held on Saturday, May 16. The Board was encouraged to assist in the book sorting process.

Maintenance: A report regarding the maintenance schedule was received from Dick McManus. The roof on the 1984-85 addition is due to be completed by July 2015.

Gardens: Spring clean-up will be done by Gardens by Greg. Lynn and Pat Murawski are contacting Broken Arrow Nurseries to order a tree replacement for the front of the library. Trish will contact Kurt Bober requesting the town crew to spread mulch around the gardens and to prepare the planting site when the new tree arrives.

New Business: State Budget Impacts. Discussion centered on the impact of losing funding and the loss of Connecticard on the collection, programs and strategic plan. Changes as a result will be discussed when these issues become a reality.

Old Business: Electronic Files, website updates and Board web page appear necessary to postpone due to budgetary constraints.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:16 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane R. Eriksen, Acting Recording Secretary