Library Board


R. David Turley, Chairman

Anne Mueller, Vice Chairman

Shari Adams, Treasurer

Robert Booz, Recording Secretary

Jane Eriksen, Chairman Emeritus

Lynn Johnson

Rosemarie Naples

Mary Ryan

Kary Strickland

Meetings:  Second Tuesday of every month at 7:30

2015 Meeting Dates

January 13

February 10

March 10

April 14

May 12

June 9

July 14

August 11

September 8

October 13

November 10

December 8

Board Minutes: Current month’s minutes have not been approved:


Durham Public Library Board of Trustees


June 9, 2015


Meeting called to order at 7:34 pm.


Present: Shari Adams, Bob Booz, Jane Eriksen, Lynn Johnson, Anne Mueller, Rosemarie Naples, Mary Ryan, Kary Strickland, David Turley and Trish Connolly.


  1. Public Comments/Communications – There was no correspondence or public comment.


  1. Minutes from Meeting of May 12, 2015 – No changes to the minutes were noted.  Shari Adams moved to accept the minutes. Seconded by Rosemarie Naples.  Minutes accepted unanimously.


  1. Financial Reports – The Financials reports were reviewed and discussed.  C-CAR funds have been transferred from the Town to the Library.  The reupholstering of chairs has continued with funding from monies raised in the capital fund. All spending based on the current budget are in order.
  2. IV.             Librarians’  Reports
    1. Summer Reading Update – The program booklet has been prepared and distributed to the Board.  Regional School District #13 has endorsed the Library’s program by making it a requirement for their students’ summer reading assignments.
    2. Director – The Director detailed information about the Money Smart Week program developed by Diana St. Pierre. It was a great success. The Board commends Ms St. Pierre for her innovation and execution of this well-received program.  Also discussed was the need for staff augmentation necessary for workload balancing during summer vacations or due to extended leaves by staff. The Board agreed that it is an issue and should be addressed during the budget cycle.
    3. Youth Services – The general overview of the YA report was discussed.
  3. Committee Reports
    1. PALS – The book sale was a great success.  The Library is once again appreciative of what PALS and its members achieve.
    2. Maintenance – The Board was disappointed that there has been another delay in the much-needed roof replacement project.  Despite continued assurances of a June completion date, Town Hall has informed us that the project will be delayed because no bids were sought.  This may involve changes in scope and delays estimated for the start date until June or July 2015.


  1. VI.             New Business
    1. Strategic Plan Update – Shari Adams walked the Board through an update of what has been accomplished, and what has been delayed, in the Strategic Plan.  While there has been good progress, some important areas need continued efforts.
    2. Other – The Board agreed it must address clarity in its role and those areas that are the responsibility of the Director.  A commitment was made to make a discussion item in our September 2015 meeting.

VII – Old Business

  1. State Budget Impacts – The budget impacts were discussed.
  2. YA Behavior – There has been a continuation of issues and patron concerns noted with youths loitering in front of the Library after school. It also requires Library staff resources be used in youth supervision rather than Library activities. This has been documented in correspondence with the Strong School principal. While the summer will likely bring a reprieve from some of the issues, a plan will be developed should problems resume when school is back in session.  This may include discussions with the school district about their having made the Library a bus stop as well as asking for a greater Resident Trooper presence in the afternoons.
  3. Library Director Evaluation – Jane Eriksen moved and Robert Booz seconded an Executive session to discuss Personnel Matters.  The session began at 9:05.  Mary Ryan moved and Shari Adams seconded a move out of executive session at 9:25.

Adjourned 9:26 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Booz, Secretary