Library Board


R. David Turley, Chairman

Anne Mueller, Vice Chairman

Shari Adams, Treasurer

Robert Booz, Recording Secretary

Jane Eriksen, Chairman Emeritus

Lynn Johnson

David Foster

Kary Strickland

Eric Enfeld

Meetings:  Second Tuesday of every month at 7:30 pm at the library

2017 Meeting Dates

January 10

February 14

March 14

April 11

May 9

June 13

July 11

August 8

September 12

October 10

November 14

December 12


Board Minutes: Current month’s minutes have not been approved:




December 13, 2016

Meeting called to order – 7:35 P.M.


Present:; Shari Adams, Bob Booz, Jane Eriksen, David Foster, Eric Infeld, Anne Mueller, Kary Strickland, David Turley and Cyndi Shirshac & Christine Michaud.  Not Present: Lynn Johnson



  1. Public Comments/Communications – Two written communications were read to the Board.


  1. Minutes – November 8, 2016 – David Foster moved and Eric Infeld seconded a Motion to approve the minutes as submitted. The motion passed unanimously.


  • FY 2017/2018 Budget Discussion – The Director led the Board though a detailed review of each of the budget line items. This included current and past budgets and the proposed amount to be included in the upcoming fiscal year. Each of the items was discussed in detail.  Direct comparison was complicated because of changes in categorizations due to changes in the Town’s accounting system.  Direction was given regarding additions to the budget that are required due to contractual commitments.  Other items, such as the books and media budget line item, found the Board in agreement that increases must be requested.  Reductions in a number of line items were also proposed. The Director will prepare a final budget for review by the Board at its January 9, 2016 meeting.  Once approved by the Board, it will be submitted as the final budget request to the Board of Finance.






Adjourned: 8:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted

Robert Booz, Secretary



Novermber 8, 2016


Meeting called to order – 7:30 P.M.


Present:; Shari Adams, Bob Booz, Jane Eriksen, David Foster, Eric Infeld, Lynn Johnson, Anne Mueller, David Turley and Cyndi Shirshac.  Not Present: Kary Strickland



  1. Public Comments/Communications – A donation to PALS was noted. The Board welcomed Eric Infeld as its newest member.


  1. Minutes – Oct 11, 2016 – Lynn Johnson moved and Shari Adams seconded a Motion to approve the minutes as submitted. The motion passed unanimously.


  • Financial Reports
  1. Board – The Board Funds report noted limited activity with nothing of specific concern.
  2. Librarian – The financial report saw all accounts are at approximately the right spending levels appropriate to the time of year. Concerns were raised about the inclusion of the parking lot lease rental payment. The lease agreement agreed to by the Town was made over the objections of the Board.  The issue will be raised during the upcoming budget process.  Also discussed was the electricity line item which now reflects the payment for the new HVAC equipment.


  1. Librarians’ Reports
  2. Director – The Wellness Day recently held was a big success. Most of the sessions were fully subscribed with some having waiting lists.  The One Book, One Community program was also discussed.  RSD #13 will be providing students with copies of the book.  The Library will obtain a few copies for parents or other who might want to read the book.
  3. Youth Services – There have been over 25 applications submitted for the new Youth Services position.


  1. Committee Reports
  2. PALS – PALS will be attending a statewide program for similar library focused supporting organizations.
  3. Maintenance – The HVAC system is still being adjusted with some software issues still cropping up. Dick McManus has not yet signed off on the project.



  1. New Business
    1. Election of Board Officers for 2017 – The slate of Board Officers was recommended by Anne Mueller and Shari Adams, the Nominating Committee. There were no objections raised and the officers for 2017 will be:
      • David Turley President
      • Anne Mueller Vice President
      • Shari Adams Treasurer
      • Robert Booz Recording Secretary
      • Jane Eriksen Corresponding Secretary
    2. Constant Contact Funding – This is the application that creates broad e-mail communications with the patrons and others. The full cost of the application was not included in this year’s budget.  Accordingly, Shari Adams Moved that the bill for Constant Contact be paid from board funds as a one-time budget exception and its future expenditures be included as a budget item in the upcoming budget season.  The motion was seconded by Bob Booz and unanimously passed.


  • Old Business
    1. New Member “On Boarding” Process – David Foster and Kary Strickland have been preparing materials for Eric. An orientation session at the Library will be held soon.
    2. Taste of Durham – Two tasks are being requested by PALS. It has asked for assistance with the shuttle bus. David Turley will address this.  Also help on the front door check-in will be needed.   David Foster and Kary Strickland have volunteered to help.


  • Other Items – The Board expressed its thanks to the staff for a very successful and well attended Volunteer Luncheon. The December meeting will concentrate on the budget preparation process.

Adjourned: 8:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted

Robert Booz, Secretary