Inter-Library Loan Restrictions Lifted

LION Consortium Launches Supplemental Book Delivery

Durham Public Library is pleased to report that book delivery services between LION Consortium members have been restored. Over the last two years, the Connecticut State Library has cut back significantly on the DeliverIt CT service which delivers library materials between Connecticut libraries. This has resulted in restrictions on patron holds and lengthy delays in getting materials. Due to budget constraints at the State Library, it appears that the state DeliverIt system will not be able to handle the necessary volume in the future. In order to restore delivery services to member libraries, the Board of Trustees of Libraries Online, Inc., (LION) has contracted with Riverbend Express of Portland, CT, to provide supplemental delivery services.

This service launched on September 18 and has cleared the backlog of items waiting for delivery. Effective immediately, all restrictions on holds on items owned by LION libraries have been lifted. There are no restrictions on the number of holds. There are no restrictions on holds of new items, DVDs, and other media. You can expect delivery of items that are currently checked in at another library in about a week. Items from non-LION libraries will continue to be distributed by deliverIT CT and delivery may take longer.

If you have any questions about holds, returns, or inter-library loans, please contact Christine Michaud at (860) 349-9544, ext. 4.

Libraries Online, Inc. (LION) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization formed by its members in 1982. Our 28 libraries share an Integrated Library System and other services from the Middletown office.  Public and academic member libraries in south-central Connecticut use the system to service their 234,000 patrons with 830,000 shared unique titles linked to over two and one half million items in their local collections.  LION is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of a designated representative from each member library.