Generous Gift Buys iPad Tablets for Library

The Durham Public Library is pleased to announce that they have received a generous donation from the Cumello Family for the purchase of six iPad mini 4 tablet computers.

Charles Cumello of Durham, who is President and CEO of Essex Financial, has been a generous supporter of library programming for children and teens. Assistant Director Christine Michaud states, “This donation will be very helpful as we work to increase STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programming. The new iPads will allow the Library to replace our aging laptop computers for programming use. The iPads will work better with a number of our tech programs for children and teens and the iPad apps will particularly enhance LEGO robotics programs using the library’s existing LEGO WeDo and LEGO Mindstorm kits. Our LEGO Robotics programs have been very popular, and we are very pleased to be able to strengthen those programs.”  Michaud noted that there are also a number of very interesting coding apps for the iPad which the library hopes to incorporate into their teen programming, such as the Apple programming app Swift Playgrounds.

The Library will run a series of programs beginning this spring that incorporate the new iPad minis into STEM programming for children and teens. A current schedule of programs at the Durham Public Library can be found on the Library website: